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TesTrac Online® was the first Internet testing system deployed (January 1997) and it remains unique in its capabilities.

TesTrac.com is a company based on technology first. TesTrac makes every effort to use technology to enhance the services provided and create a competitive advantage. TesTrac is agile and can respond quickly to a client’s unique needs in a cost-effective manner.

TesTrac believes strongly in maintaining a robust and redundant production environment that provides the latest in security technologies, and for this reason, TesTrac does not support a cloud environment. We own our production environment, which is hosted at a federally approved hosting facility.

TesTrac’s structure is made up of a core group of employees and dedicated business partners who have worked with TesTrac for 20 years. Because of TesTrac’s scalable structure, TesTrac can respond to client needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

TesTrac.com Online® Features

Bandwidth. TesTrac was originally designed to address bandwidth issues in particular, recognizing that a majority of its test attempts at that time would be international and in locations with uncertain Internet access. That comprehensive design continues to serve our clients well.

Reliability. We take pride in maintaining a completion rate of more than 99%, particularly in light of the issues inherent in Internet deployment. The Internet is subject to latency issues and the prospect of users experiencing a break in connection. For that reason, our testing system has a self-adjusting clock to give back the download times between questions, and a restart function. Code-related support calls are next to none.

Volume capability. TesTrac’s production environment can readily support over 2,000 concurrent connections.

Test authoring and item bank. TesTrac can build a unique database for a client and provide a test authoring tool that is far more robust than current web-based tools that are offered by our competitors. It is the reason TesTrac can build a test in 5 to 7 days versus our competitors’ requiring 6 to 8 weeks.

Question types. TesTrac supports these question types: 3 forms of multiple-choice; 2 forms of fill-in-the-blank; matching; ranking; true/false; essay; and hot spot. TesTrac supports both audio and video within test items.

Language support. TesTrac currently supports 38 languages in addition to English. The language front-ends are displayed based on the language preference setting of the testing candidate’s browser. Additional languages can be easily added. To date, TesTrac has deployed exams in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. More importantly, there is no connection between how that site is presented and the language version of the test the candidate is accessing. For example, the site could present in French and the candidate could access an Arabic exam, in which case the site will present left to right and the test right to left inside the window.

Administrative tools. TesTrac offers two administrative tools. The first tool is similar to our authoring tool and offers a unique set of capabilities to enroll candidates, assign tests and retrieve results. The second is a web-based tool that has 10 levels of rights. It is primarily used by independent proctors to retrieve candidate log in credentials.

Proctor support. TesTrac has a long history of supporting so-called “non-traditional” testing venues, using independent proctors at universities, for-profit colleges, union training centers, event testing, client approved international locations/proctors and web-cam proctoring. Once proctors are trained, TesTrac receives little to no support calls. TesTrac also supports “traditional” testing venues through its partner PSI Services, LLC. (PSI),

Reporting. This can take a variety of forms, including reporting via extracts and web views of data. TesTrac will build client-specific reports tailored to client reporting requirements.

Item analysis. TesTrac can offer a psychometric tool accessible via the Internet that allows real-time reporting on item performance. In addition, if the a client elects, the analysis of item data can be performed by one of TesTrac’s business partners. This capability significantly reduces costs related to item analysis.


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