The Delivery component of TestTrac Online is a web-based application that deploys tests in an extremely flexible and economical manner to any computer with internet access. The only requirement is a compatible browser, either Netscape version 4.06 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.1 or higher.

TesTrac Online offers three different test deployment options:

  • Closed Enrollment - Participants are pre-enrolled and given test assignments and ID and PIN numbers before entering the system.

  • Closed Enrollment/Proctored - Same as Closed Enrollment, but an authorized person must visit the proctored site and enter a site ID and PIN number before the participant receives the test.

  • Open Enrollment - Allows participants to enter the system, register themselves, and take a test. Once the participant enters the appropriate demographic data, the Delivery component of TesTrac Online creates a unique ID and PIN number and presents it to the participant with their first assignment. (Please note that this option is not recommended by, as it can result in reduced security and less reliable data.)

Key Features

Of particular interest to most clients are the Delivery component's unique abilities to:

  • Deploy tests at the complete discretion of an administrator, giving customers control over when and to whom a test is given.

  • Score both individual tests as well as all learning objectives contained in the test. Differing score values can be set based on each test and on learning objective requirements.

  • Provide positive and negative feedback for individual questions, an entire test, and for learning objectives.

  • Offer hints for further study at the test level, and training recommendations for both the test and the learning objectives contained in the test. For the first time, participants can take a test and, based on their score and feedback, have immediate online access to training resources.

  • Provide participants with 24-hour online access to their test data. Participants can enter the TesTrac Online web site, enter their ID and PIN number, and select "View Past Attempts." They are presented with a complete list of all of their previous test attempts, and can review or print a Test Results page.

  • Charge for tests online. When a participant selects a fee-based test, they must enter credit card data and be approved prior to receiving the test. Most major credit cards and can be used (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners/Carte Blance).

  • Allow participants to register, enter demographic data, and receive ID and PIN numbers. Ltd.
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