June 9, 2015:

TesTrac.com Announces Association Management Services

Burnsville, Minn. – TesTrac.com, Ltd, a world leader in online testing, announces a new level of service for its customers, one that manages the client's process to register test-takers, verifies test-taker eligibility, and handles e-commerce. The new services integrate seamlessly into TesTrac Online, TesTrac.com's already state-of-the-art online testing development and deployment engine.

“The new services are something that our customers asked for,” said Doug Odell, TesTrac.com president. “We simplify their administrative process and combine it with the easy-to-use testing services customers are already familiar with.”

The new services automate the process of registering test candidates, capturing their contact, demographic, and other relevant information, then make it easy for those candidates to select and pay for the test or tests they want to take. Meanwhile, TesTrac.com performs a two-tiered review process to ensure that candidates are allowed to take the tests—some tests are restricted only to candidates with certain credentials, for instance—and then immediately exports registration data to TesTrac.com's business partners, PSI and B-Virtual.

Doug Odell says he can brand the forms easily, too. “The registration form is completely customizable. We can put our client's logo on the form so registrants and test candidates always know they're in the right place. Our two-tiered review process ensures candidates are eligible for testing, which is important for associations that have to comply with legal oversight.”

The new association management services are fully integrated with TesTrac Online version 12, and are part of a complete set of tools that allow clients to work within the TesTrac.com system for all of their test development, administration, deployment, and psychometric analysis needs. “These tools just simplify every step of test-taking,” said Doug Odell. “It's a smooth and seamless process for the test candidates, our customers, and for our partners, PSI and B-Virtual.”

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