June 23, 2015:

TesTrac.com Launches Revolutionary Version 12 Software

Burnsville, Minn. – TesTrac.com, Ltd, a world leader in online testing, is pleased to announce that it has released a new version of the software that runs its unique suite of online testing services. Version 12 of TesTrac Online, TesTrac.com's state-of-the-art online testing development and deployment engine, has streamlined TesTrac.com's service offerings and placed it in a unique position among online testing companies.

One of the most noticeable changes is the enormous foreign language capability: Version 12 offers its end users 39 different languages, including Japanese and right-to-left reading Arabic, all based on the browser's language settings. “That means our buttons, navigation, and on-screen support material matches the language preference setting of the user's browser, no matter the language of the test they select,” said Doug Odell, TesTrac.com president. This is a big shift in an industry wherein other providers match the test language only, generally English. “The IT and support people love this,” explained Doug Odell. “Test candidates love this because it almost eliminates support requirements.” TestTrac Online also normalizes for time zone and currency, and lets test administrators work within their preferred language as well. “This is part of a major effort to make every aspect of the test-taking and administration as easy and smooth as possible.”

The new software offers a wide range of association management services, which facilitate and simplify the test administrator's tasks. This includes candidate registration and eligibility verification, and e-commerce processing. But it doesn't stop there: TesTrac.com has plans for even more robust service offerings, which will include the management and reporting of continuing education credits (CEUs) and a two-layer registrant screening program for tests that have strict—at times legally mandated—eligibility requirements. Read more about these features here: testrac.com/tt_press.html.

Future development on Version 12 will also include a robust collaborative item development tool as well as a project management system to help facilitate clients who are writing and developing tests. The new software will also offer real-time psychometric analysis, and the most complete integration for test deployment in the industry. “When the test is approved, it's deployed with one click. No additional time or cost for test setup,” explained Doug Odell. Read more about these features here: testrac.com/tt_press.html.
All of these new features are compatible with the most commonly used web browsers across multiple platforms and devices, and now deliver a 99.5% completion rate for tests both domestic and international. “We're the only company offering this many services in this many languages around the entire world and delivering this rate of completion,” said Doug Odell, with no small amount of pride. “Right now, TesTrac.com stands alone.”

About TesTrac.com

Since 1998, Minnesota-based TesTrac.com has used its proprietary, flexible, customizable online delivery system to facilitate testing for any subject, in almost any language, to web browsers across the globe. TesTrac Online offers a wide array of administrative, security, and data mining tools, ensuring each test is clear, accessible, and tightly controlled.
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