June 16, 2015:

TesTrac.com Announces Automated Database Mapping

Burnsville, Minn. – TesTrac.com, Ltd, a world leader in online testing, is pleased to announce that it has enhanced its unique suite of online testing services to dramatically reduce the time and cost of updating a new version of a test. The new service round out a recent expansion of TesTrac Online, TesTrac.com's state-of-the-art online testing development and deployment engine, once again placing TesTrac.com as the sole provider of a key development in online test creation and deployment.

“We call this new change the holy grail of uploading new versions of tests,” said Doug Odell, TesTrac.com president, only half-joking. “This allows us to perform database mapping in seconds instead of days or weeks.” Database mapping is generally the last step in updating a test, in which the new version of the test has to be “mapped” or integrated with a third-party test delivery system. “For instance, consider a test a client of ours has with PSI,” a strategic and vital business partner of TesTrac.com. “When they develop version two, three, four and so on, that test has to be mapped by PSI so that test-takers can access the new version of the test.” This labor-intensive process used to take seven to ten days, and could affect up to 40 tests a week. TesTrac.com's new code eliminates that barrier. “Our new code makes mapping a matter of a couple of mouse clicks, and takes only seconds,” Doug Odell explained.

With the addition of the new database mapping technology, TesTrac.com is furthering its partnership with PSI. “This is a commitment we at TesTrac.com wanted to make to PSI, to take the database mapping off of their plate,” explained Doug Odell. “This streamlines how we work with PSI plus it saves our clients time and money. Cutting ten days off deployment time is a big win, too.”

PSI and TesTrac.com have already begun the process of migrating client tests into the new code, making it a rare win-win-win for all parties involved.

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